Kwacha Afrika's Collaborative Approach

Kwacha Afrika partners with County government, non-governmental organizations, Community Based Organizations, youth groups and the private sector to ensure that vulnerable youths in the Coast region are mentored and given support to achieve their dreams in life and be better citizens of the society.

Since the early 2000s, Kwacha Afrika has improved its working relations with its partners to improve how to approach young people in vulnerable areas of the coastal region. After gaining its full-fledged local NGO status in 2006, Kwacha Afrika collaboration with other partners has grown tremendously. Youth Challenge International, Youth-Health Initiative Kenya, and ActionAid through the Global Platform are key partners in volunteers exchange programmed within the organization. Encourages individual International Volunteers to partner/volunteer with the organization.This initiative has created stronger ties and strengthened partnerships in areas of helping young people from diverse backgrounds establish rapport and learn from each other's culture and diversity

Through the Countering Violent Extremism Network in Mombasa County, Kwacha Afrika has been able to address issues that affect communities through youth radicalization in the county and how to avert the same.CSO's on Security and Human Rights is another key network that Kwacha plays a major role in ensuring rights of county citizens are upheld and that the security of communities is firmly adhered to.

Today, Kwacha Afrika works with more than 30 youth groups, 18 local NGOs, and County Government Ministries, among others, operational and advocacy partners. Operational and advocacy partnerships are sought to ensure that the rights and needs of youths within the region and their concerns are met.

The main goal of the organization's vast network of partnerships is to ensure better outcomes for persons of concern by combining and leveraging complementary resources and working together in a transparent, respectful, and mutually beneficial way.These partnerships also strengthen Kwacha Afrika's engagement in inter-networks fora and processes, where mutual understanding and strong alliances help ensure that youth, both male and female, community and persons living with disability, are adequately prioritized when it comes to right awareness, good governance, and leadership within the county.


Kwacha Afrika is open to partnerships with organizations that share common goals by combining and leveraging complementary resources and working together in a transparent, respectful and mutually beneficial way.

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