Empowering Kenyan Youth: Kwacha Afrika’s Collaboration with Dr. Laura A. Chub

In an effort to shed light on the sexual learning and exposure experiences of young people living on the Coast of Kenya, the renowned youth-focused non-governmental organization (NGO) Kwacha Afrika embarked on a groundbreaking research project. In a partnership that exemplifies the power of global collaboration, Kwacha Afrika joined forces with Dr. Laura A. Chub, a senior lecturer at Auckland University in New Zealand. Together, we aimed to explore the complexities of sexual education and its impact on the lives of the region’s youth. This inspiring initiative, titled “THIS IS HOW WE KNOW: Sexual Learning and Exposure Stories of Young People in The Coast of Kenya,” promises to be a catalyst for change and empowerment.

Unveiling the Collaboration: Kwacha Afrika has long been at the forefront of youth development and advocacy in Kenya. Kwacha Afrika’s commitment to addressing critical issues faced by young people has garnered respect and admiration. Seeking to amplify their impact, the organization recognized the need for extensive research into the sexual learning experiences of coastal youth. Enter Dr. Laura A. Chub, a respected academic known for her expertise in Counselling, Human Services and Social Work.

Dr. Chub’s association with Auckland University brings a global perspective to the project. Her experience in cross-cultural research, coupled with her passion for empowering youth, makes her an ideal collaborator. Recognizing the potential of their partnership, Kwacha Afrika and Dr. Chub embarked on a journey to unearth the realities, challenges, and aspirations of young people on Kenya’s coast.

The Research: Unveiling Youth Experiences “THIS IS HOW WE KNOW” aims to provide a platform for young people to share their stories, aspirations, and challenges regarding sexual education and exposure. By gathering first hand narratives from the coast’s youth, the research sought to understand their perspectives, needs, and the impact of societal and cultural factors on their sexual development.

Through an interdisciplinary approach, the research combined qualitative interviews, focus group discussions, and data analysis to capture the multifaceted nature of young people’s experiences. It aimed to give voice to those often unheard, shedding light on the complexities of sexual education, cultural beliefs, and social norms that influence the lives of coastal youth.

Impact and Empowerment: The collaboration between Kwacha Afrika and Dr. Laura A. Chub holds immense potential for effecting positive change in the lives of coastal youth. The research findings will not only enrich academic knowledge but also inform the design and implementation of more effective sexual education programs and policies.

By amplifying the voices of young people, the research sought to empower them and foster a society that prioritizes their well-being and rights. Through this great partnership, Kwacha Afrika and Dr. Chub aim to foster dialogue and engage with policymakers, educators, and community leaders to create an environment that supports healthy sexual development and comprehensive education.

Conclusion: “THIS IS HOW WE KNOW” is an exemplary collaboration that showcases the power of global partnerships in addressing critical issues faced by youth. Kwacha Afrika’s dedication to empowering young people, combined with Dr. Laura A. Chub’s expertise in sexuality education, promises to bring about positive change in the lives of coastal youth in Kenya.

Through this groundbreaking research, the research aimed to dismantle barriers, foster understanding, and provide young people with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions about their sexual health and well-being. By amplifying their voices, Kwacha Afrika and Dr. Chub are paving the way for a brighter future, where young people can thrive and reach their full potential on the Coast of Kenya and beyond.

Find full research here >>>>  https://researchspace.auckland.ac.nz/handle/2292/58099

Learn More about Laura >>>> https://profiles.auckland.ac.nz/l-chubb/about


Choosing the Right Leadership

Through the support of Forum Syd Kenya under the USIPONIHUSISHA NAJIHUSISHA project , Kwacha Afrika engaged the residents of Bengala in Kisauni Sub county in discussing openly on matters pertaining to devolution, county developments, and spaces for youth to participate effectively especially on voter awareness and choosing the right leadership for the county governance.

Importance of Registering as a Voter

The importance of registering as a voter is to ensure that right leadership is in place in cultivating a socially empowered society at all times. Kwacha Afrika Play a major role in ensuring that the residents of Mombasa county register as voters and take active role in demanding for good leadership within the county.

Importance of Selecting Viable Leaders

Under the Uongozi Bora Community Initiative project ,Kwacha Afrika had a lengthy discussion with the community members of Makumba area in Kisauni Sub-county in sharing the importance of electing viable leaders, upholding constitutionalism and right of citizens especially youths in involvement of county government development process.

Evaluating Water Services in Junda Ward

Kwacha Afrika engaging diverse groups of Junda residents in focus group discussions on water quality ,water availability and quality of service from MOWASCO. This is part of the series of activities under the Junda community scorecard project which seeks to evaluate water services delivery in Junda ward community Kisauni Sub-County.