Strategic Objective

 Youths from each of the 6 counties in the Coast region are trained per year on entrepreneurship skills and small business management. At least 5% of them selected through set criteria are supported to start or expand their businesses.


  • Training youths from each sub-county on basic entrepreneurial skills such as identifying viable businesses, networking, marketing, accessing capital, saving, basic bookkeeping, and record keeping.
  • Conducting partnership meetings with the business community in each of the counties at the Coast to provide opportunities for arts groups to perform in their premises periodically and be paid at market rate.
  • Partnering with the business community in each of the 6 counties to provide internship and training opportunities for youths.
  • Mobilizing resources and directly supporting youth in each county to grow their business by at least 25% per year.
  • Training of youth groups in the development of winning proposals to various national and county government funds as well as from private and CSOs actors.