Amos Tsori Amri aka Amos Mox is a 23 year old young upcoming singer and actor based in Mombasa County –Kisauni Sub-county. He is also a student at Technical University of Mombasa undertaking Bachelor of Arts in Media studies. Amos has been passionate about music since...

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Choosing the Right Leadership

Through the support of Forum Syd Kenya under the USIPONIHUSISHA NAJIHUSISHA project , Kwacha Afrika engaged the residents of Bengala in Kisauni Sub county in discussing openly on matters pertaining to devolution, county developments, and spaces for youth to...

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Importance of Registering as a Voter

The importance of registering as a voter is to ensure that right leadership is in place in cultivating a socially empowered society at all times. Kwacha Afrika Play a major role in ensuring that the residents of Mombasa county register as voters and take active role...

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Importance of Selecting Viable Leaders

Under the Uongozi Bora Community Initiative project ,Kwacha Afrika had a lengthy discussion with the community members of Makumba area in Kisauni Sub-county in sharing the importance of electing viable leaders, upholding constitutionalism and right of citizens...

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Evaluating Water Services in Junda Ward

Kwacha Afrika engaging diverse groups of Junda residents in focus group discussions on water quality ,water availability and quality of service from MOWASCO. This is part of the series of activities under the Junda community scorecard project which seeks to evaluate...

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