Amos Tsori Amri aka Amos Mox is a 23 year old young upcoming singer and actor based in Mombasa County –Kisauni Sub-county. He is also a student at Technical University of Mombasa undertaking Bachelor of Arts in Media studies. Amos has been passionate about music since he was young and has been working hard to follow his dream of becoming a musician. Through the Mombasa Youth Extravaganza Talent show held at Mbaraki Hall in Mombasa County, his dream of being signed as a musician came true.

“I knew of Kwacha Afrika from the time I was in high school, their programs really helped us young people to be better persons in the society. While in college I met Yusuf Dalu who is a lecturer and theater director who invited me to start acting and later on I was enlisted as one of the theater members for the group Mombasa Team 2016. In the Usiponihusisha Najihusisha Project under the Wajibu Wetu Program, I was lucky to be a part of the acting group and also a singer in one of the Mombasa Youth Talent Extravaganza event which was facilitated by Kwacha Afrika “, he continued” as Team 2016 we were able to be the overall winner for the play category, which we won the most outstanding play of the Day, the play was called Chozi”.

Amos also sang a song called Barua which highlighted the importance of choosing the right leaders and the lack of good governance as well rare spaces for young people to engage in meaningful developmental issues of the county.

“The song was positively received by the audience, and that motivated me even more. The impact of my performance to me significantly rose the chances for me to become the overall winner of the extravaganza with my song becoming the best song of the event and hence I was awarded with a video and an audio production contract to produce the song “BARUA”.’  He continued, “So far since the event ended I have been able to record two songs… Barua and Kanelody which have also created a platform for me to perform in eight bigger events and music concerts within Mombasa County. Under my belt I have 20 songs which I have written and are awaiting to be recorded.”

“The impact of the event in my life has been great”, he continued, “because I have been able to find exposure and more artist are willing to collaborate with me into doing new music,I have also learnt more about the importance of participation on matters of governance and development as a youth and my rights into fighting for leadership and democratic space. Right now I am with the Red Fourth Boy Band Mombasa where am fully horning my skills in singing and music composition.”

Amos urges other young people like him to embrace their talents and be focused to use their talent to express the importance of youth involvement in finding their democratic space in leadership and development within the county. He also thanked Kwacha Afrika for the creative platform created for the youths to use arts to express their views when it comes youth and leadership in Mombasa County