Faith Mutindi, during a county budget analysis training for civic educators.

In the bustling Likoni Sub County of Mombasa County, a remarkable transformation is underway, fueled by the tireless efforts of Faith Mutindi, a dedicated budget facilitator and civic educator. Faith’s journey is one of passion, commitment, and unwavering dedication to empowering communities through knowledge and advocacy. From the dusty streets of Timbawani to the bustling neighborhoods of Shika Adabu and Likoni wards, Faith’s impact is felt far and wide, particularly among the youth and women groups, including the boda boda riders of Likoni ward.

Before Faith’s intervention, the youth and women groups of Likoni Sub County grappled with a myriad of challenges, from limited understanding of their civic rights to a lack of engagement in local governance processes. However, with Faith’s arrival and the implementation of Kwacha Afrika’s Tuyazungumuze Community Initiative project supported by Uraia Trust through the funding of DANIDA in a civic education training of trainers program, a wave of change swept across the community.

“I was inspired to get involved in civic education because I witnessed firsthand the disparities and injustices faced by marginalized communities,” shares Faith. “I saw the potential for positive change through education and advocacy, and I knew I had to be a part of it.”

Faith Mutindi , engaging budget cohorts in Likoni Sub County.

Through intensive training sessions, Faith covered key topics such as constitutionalism, the Bill of Rights, devolution, and citizen participation in budget making processes. Armed with knowledge, the youth and women groups of Likoni Sub County became empowered to advocate for their rights and demand accountability from local authorities.

“The transformation within the community groups has been remarkable,” observes Faith. “From increased awareness of their rights to active participation in local governance, the impact of civic education has been profound.”

Indeed, Faith’s efforts have led to tangible improvements within the community, including enhanced transparency and accountability in local governance processes. By equipping community members with the tools to engage effectively with decision-makers, Faith has facilitated a shift towards more inclusive and responsive governance practices.

“Through our advocacy efforts, we’ve seen a significant improvement in service delivery from the county government of Mombasa,” notes Faith. “From addressing insecurity issues to advocating for better infrastructure, the community is now actively involved in shaping its own future.”

On a personal and professional level, Faith’s journey has been one of growth and enlightenment. “Working with community groups has taught me invaluable lessons about resilience, empathy, and the power of collective action,” reflects Faith. “It’s a continuous learning process, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to make a meaningful impact.”

Looking ahead, Faith envisions a future where civic education serves as a catalyst for lasting change, not only within the community groups she has worked with but in society at large. “I hope that the seeds we’ve planted through civic education will continue to bear fruit for generations to come,” says Faith. “By fostering a culture of constitutionalism, promoting the Bill of Rights, and encouraging active citizen participation, we can build a more just and equitable society for all.”