In the vibrant Kisauni sub-county, Shanzu Ward, a powerful success story is unfolding within the Usife Moyo Disability Community Group. Comprised of individuals living with disabilities, their livelihood activities revolve around arts and farming. However, their journey towards success extends far beyond their chosen endeavours. Through sustained civic education facilitated by Kwacha Afrika civic educator, they have emerged as champions for quality service delivery from the County Government of Mombasa.

Daniel Okondo, a dedicated member of the Usife Moyo Community Group, reflects on their transformative journey:

“Our lives were challenging before we received civic education. We faced limited access to financial opportunities and felt excluded from the decision-making processes. However, through civic education, we gained knowledge, confidence, and the tools to advocate for our rights.”

The Usife Moyo Disability Community Group recognized that education and empowerment were vital to their progress. Under the guidance of Kwacha Afrika, they received comprehensive civic education, covering essential topics such as the Bill of Rights enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010. This education served as a catalyst, igniting their determination to effect positive change within their community.

One of the significant achievements of the Usife Moyo Community Group was ensuring access to county government financial opportunities. Armed with their newfound knowledge, they navigated the bureaucratic processes and advocated for inclusive policies that catered to the unique needs of persons with disabilities.

Daniel Okondo proudly states, “We refused to be side-lined any longer. We realized the importance of financial support for our projects and livelihood activities. Through our collective efforts and civic education, we engaged with the county government and emphasized the need for inclusive financial opportunities.”

Their persistence paid off. The County Government of Mombasa recognized the Usife Moyo Disability Community Group as a beacon of empowerment and inclusivity. They collaborated with the group, providing them with access to financial resources that enabled them to expand their artistic endeavours and enhance their farming activities.

However, their journey towards success did not end there. The Usife Moyo Community Group, armed with their civic education, sought to influence the development process and advocate for inclusion in decision-making processes within the county government

Usife Moyo members cleaning up a section of Mtopanga river.

“We were determined to have a seat at the table,” Daniel emphasizes. “We knew that true progress could only be achieved if our voices were heard and considered in the decision-making processes. Through our civic education, we became advocates for inclusion.”

Their advocacy efforts were met with openness and appreciation from the County Government of Mombasa. The voices of the Usife Moyo Community Group were welcomed, and they actively participated in shaping policies that prioritized the needs and aspirations of persons with disabilities. They became a driving force behind initiatives that promoted inclusivity, accessibility, and equal opportunities for all.
One of their notable achievements in advocacy was their campaign for the clean-up of the Mtopanga River. Recognizing the environmental hazards posed by its deteriorating state, they took action. Armed with the knowledge gained through civic education, the Usife Moyo Community Group wrote a compelling letter to the sub-county public health department, highlighting the urgent need for a clean and healthy river ecosystem.Their plea did not fall on deaf ears. The County Government of Mombasa, recognizing the validity of their concerns, responded swiftly. They launched a comprehensive clean-up campaign, partnering with the Usife Moyo Community Group and other stakeholders to restore the Mtopanga River to its pristine condition. Through their collective efforts, the community not only improved their immediate surroundings but also made a positive impact on the wider ecosystem.

Daniel Okondo proudly asserts, “Our journey is a testament to the power of knowledge and collective action. Through civic education, we have transformed ourselves from passive recipients of services to active participants in shaping our community’s future.”

The Usife Moyo Disability Community Group’s success is a testament to their resilience, determination, and the impact of sustained civic education. Through their newfound knowledge of the Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights, they have empowered themselves to demand equal treatment and opportunities.