Dawati is a 23 year old young man from Kisauni who studied up to secondary school level but did not continue to college due to lack of school fees. He was able to know about Imarisha Vijana through his friends and after visiting the centre, he was trained in Business Skills.
During mentorship sessions, he explained to the career guidance officer how he has always wanted to start up a business, more specifically to sell movies but he did not have capital for the same. He was advised to start by selling one movie which he bought at Ksh.50 and sold at Ksh.100 then keep on increasing the stock as time goes by. He did exactly that and saw his profits grow. He now has a wide range of customers who make orders for movies including Kwacha Afrika members. He can make up to Ksh.1000 profit on a good day.
“Were it not for Imarisha Vijana, I don’t know what my life would be like right now,” he says to his peers during mentorship sessions to encourage them.