Programme areas

To deliver on its priority areas, Kwacha Africa structures its work into the following programme areas:

Talent Identification
& development


Environment and climate change
mitigation Programs

Entrepreneurship & small business sustainability

Peace and Security

Health, gender and disability

Governance and access to justice

About us

Inspiring and empowering youths

Kwacha Afrika seeks to engage youth living in poverty both in and out of school in social and economic empowerment initiatives thereby uplifting their living standards.

Our Mission

Inspiring and empowering youths to transform themselves and their communities.

“Kwacha Afrika” is an indigenous coastal phrase which means ‘Arise Afrika.’ Over the years, Kwacha Afrika has grown from a purely theater-oriented organization to become a leading youth organization, which works throughout the Coast region of Kenya. The organization seeks to engage the youth both in and out of school in social and economic empowerment initiatives to uplift their living standards.

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2 days ago

Kwacha Afrika
Todays review session with our passionate civic educators was nothing short of inspiring! 🤩 We dove deep into the incredible journey of implementing civic education in our vibrant communities here in Mombasa County.🏆 We celebrated the achievements! From empowering our youth to fostering a culture of active citizenship, our educators have made remarkable strides. 🙌 The impact they've had is truly commendable!🤔 But, as we all know, every journey comes with its challenges. We engaged in thought-provoking discussions about the obstacles our educators face. 💪 From resource constraints to engagement strategies, we acknowledged the hurdles that lie ahead.🌟 The most exciting part? We explored innovative ways to overcome these challenges and adopt best practices! 🚀 We brainstormed ideas, shared success stories, and left no stone unturned in our quest to make an even greater impact on our beloved communities.🤝 Together, we're committed to fostering a stronger, more engaged, and civically active Mombasa County! 💬💡 ... See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

Kwacha Afrika
💥In the heartbeats of our vibrant coastal communities, we've turned the stage into a symphony of transformation. Through the magic of theater, we've brought characters to life, not only on the boards but in the hearts of our people, where stories of resilience, love, and empowerment are performed with every breath.🕺 Our dance moves to the rhythm of progress, choreographing a future where unity and diversity dance hand in hand. Poetry, like whispered secrets, has painted verses of hope on the walls of our minds, reminding us that words can be the spark that ignites change. And in the harmonious notes of our music, we've orchestrated a symphony of togetherness that echoes through the Coast Region, setting the tempo for development, innovation, and a youthful spirit that knows no bounds. 💪Our arts aren't just forms of expression; they are the heartbeat of our community's growth and the anthem of our coastal dreams. #art4socialchange ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Kwacha Afrika
🌍✌️ If your mind is freed from all desires and feelings of ‘I’ and ’ mine’, then it attains peace. 🕊️ Let's raise our voices in harmony, dance to the rhythm of love, and paint the world with colors of compassion. In a world where differences can be our strength, let's celebrate the precious gift of peace that binds us all together. Here's to a future where every sunrise brings more understanding, every sunset brings more tranquility, and every heart beats to the peaceful rhythm of humanity. 🌟 #InternationalDayOfPeace ... See MoreSee Less
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Quite inspiring session we had with our Mombasa's civic educators! Celebrating achievements, facing challenges, and exploring best practices to empower our communities through civic education. Let's continue the journey towards a brighter future together!


🕺 From vibrant theater tales to dance moves that groove with progress, Coast Region's heartbeat is ART! 💃 We've transformed walls into poetry canvases and stages into dreams come alive. 🚀 Embracing creativity to rewrite our coastal story, one artistic note at a time! 🏖️


🌍✌️ Celebrating #InternationaDayOfPeace with open hearts and open minds! Let's turn our differences into the tapestry of unity, dance to the rhythm of love, and paint the world with compassion. Happy international Peace Day.

We are proud to be part of @UraiaTrust 's result-based reporting 3 days training! Which seeks to equip #SPARKe program partners with skills and knowledge to communicate project outcomes effectively. #Capacity4Impact


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Organizations partners

Many development actors have supported the organization’s activities since it started in 2000. These include the youth and the wider community in the Coast region, particularly in Kilifi, Mombasa where Kwacha Afrika is based.